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Stargazing in the Grampians.

9 Apr 2021

When you get away from the big city lights, the beauty of the stars against an inky sky is surprisingly breathtaking and soothing. Surrounded by nature, wildlife and crystal-clear skies, stargazing is good for the soul, the kind of escape that many of us need after 2020.

Whether you’re camping with loved ones or seeking solitude, our guide includes some of Victoria’s most wondrous locations to stargaze with the naked eye.

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Dunkeld Arboretum

A sanctuary of walking tracks, red gums and lakes. The Dunkeld Arboretum allows you to take in the beauty of the night sky on a peaceful evening stroll. Or, relax with a picnic as you watch the sun descend and the sky turn into a spectacular starry show.

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Cato Lake Park

Situated in the heart of Stawell, Cato Park provides a stunning setting to view our star-studded skies. Set up a picnic rug or blanket on the lush green grass, lay down and look up. A perfect opportunity to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Image: Blackbird Photography

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Mount Arapiles

Not only a popular rock-climbing destination, but a perfect location for viewing the southern Milky Way. You can drive almost to the lookout and view the stars unobstructed in any direction. Mount Arapiles is truly a spellbinding spot.

Image: Callum Wills

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Reed Lookout

Experience an unforgettable dazzling astronomical display from the popular viewing platform at Reed Lookout. Start with a sunset over the mountains, then sit back and enjoy shooting stars and twinkling planets as you listen to sounds of nature.

Image: Craig Richards Photography

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One Tree Hill

Discover a new perspective with a stargazing experience from One Tree Hill. The vast views of the starlit sky will provide an inspiring setting to ponder just how epic our universe truly is. After all, we’re simply a speck of dust in a galaxy of wonder.

Image: Will Robertson

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Boroka Lookout

From Boroka Lookout you can watch the Milky Way rise into the night sky over our mountain ranges – you might even spot the odd shooting star. To make your experience more luxurious, consider booking an overnight stay at the nearby Boroka Downs.

Image: Jarrod


1. Dress warmly - a blanket and a warm thermos may seem like overkill, but you'll be grateful for them after sitting still in the cold once the sun goes down.

2. If you’re keen on getting a closer look but don't have a telescope, binoculars are an excellent alternative. If you don't have binoculars, all the sights above can be spotted with the naked eye.

3. When visiting our lookouts be sure to be safe by staying behind barriers and following directional signage.