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A guide to the Grampians stunning array of wildflowers

Spring is here and our National Park bursts with colourful wildflowers that blanket the rugged mountain ranges and vast landscapes. A truly wonderful sight to behold. We have compiled a list of our favourite dazzling flower displays for you to discover when the time is right - The Grampians Way.

Ararat 2

The legacy of our settlers

The European and Chinese explorers and settlers of the Grampians laid the foundations for the thriving communities that call the region home today, let alone an abundant fresh produce industry we’re very proud of. Learn about the legacy of our European settlers here.

Copy of IF2 A9863

Ancient, old and new - the art our region has inspired

Our region’s majestic sandstone outcrops and vast pastoral scenes have inspired generations upon generations of artists. Here is a snapshot of our diverse and fascinating art scene dating back thousands of years.

Mt William H Res

The Grampians: a wealth of ancient history

Realising we’re living through a momentous historical period causes reflection. It’s made us think deeply about the wealth of history in the Grampians. Let's start from the beginning ...

Sheep Hills Silo Art

The Grampians guide to self-discovering Australia’s largest outdoor gallery: The Silo Art Trail

The Silo Art Trail is known as Australia’s biggest outdoor gallery, truly an incredible experience which celebrates the rich heritage of Victoria's Wimmera Mallee region. Our guide, allows you to cruise from town to town and witness this innovative art project that sees renowned street artist from Australia and across the globe transform wheat silos into large-scale murals that tells the stories of our community and culture.

Freedom Opt 1

Regional Victorians, embrace your freedom – The Grampians Way

Fellow regional Victorians, right now, we’re lucky. We’re lucky because we have the space, the freedom and the opportunities to discover the incredible natural attractions on offer in our own backyard - all to ourselves. Why not make the most of your freedom while our towns and villages are a bit quieter? Here are some unique and inspiring spots around the Grampians.

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