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Fishing in the Grampians: the eleven best locations to cast a line

16 Aug 2023

Find New Waters - The Grampians Way

Bordered by majestic mountain ranges and stunning vast landscapes, our region’s pristine lakes and waterways offer some of Victoria’s best fishing locations.

If you’re a seasoned angler, or perhaps you’ve never ‘wet a line’ before, we’ve compiled a list of peaceful and secluded lakes for your next fishing adventure – The Grampians Way.

Here’s our guide to fishing in the Grampians and remember, before heading out purchase a Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL).

Fishing in Southern Grampians Rocklands Reservoir

Rocklands Reservoir

North of Hamilton, and just 15 minutes from Balmoral, is Rocklands Reservoir, the second largest lake in Victoria. Covering over 6700 hectares of land, the reservoir is perfect for those who enjoy fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking and picnicking, among other things.

Redfin is the predominant species here, but fisherfolk will also find Murray cod, brown trout and golden perch. A boat is needed to reach the more remote areas of the dam; however, those without one can take advantage of the abundance of bank-fishing spots near the dam wall.

NOTE: Boating is prohibited within 200 metres of the dam wall.

Grampians Accomodation with Fishing Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans

Located between Stawell and Halls Gap, Lake Fyans is another popular fishing spot, thanks to its unspoiled mountain views. An annual holiday destination for families because of the incredibly popular Lake Fyans Holiday Park, the lake is a great spot to enjoy swimming, water skiing, boating, fishing and sailing.

Lake Fyans is best known for its trophy-sized redfin, big brown trout, and feisty rainbows. When the lake holds a healthy amount of water, shore-based angling is a great option, especially fishing with mud eye or fly fishing.

Lake Bellfield Fishing Halls Gap

Lake Bellfield

Surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, Lake Bellfield, four kilometres south of Halls Gap provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing, with redfin, trout and river blackfish calling the Lake home.

The lake is adjacent to Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, well known for its two wood-fired heated pools and first-class facilities.

Lake Bellfield is the local water supply, so no powerboats are permitted, but electric motors are. There is good access along the west bank for fishing and a dirt ramp situated near the picnic area.

Grampians Halls Gap Lake Wartook

Lake Wartook

Just half an hour from Halls Gap, Lake Wartook is a tranquil location for fly, boat and shore fishing. As one of the largest and most renowned lakes in the Grampians region, Lake Wartook is a popular fishing spot, with redfin and trout prolific here.

Fishing off the wall section of the lake provides comfortable bank fishing, and anglers looking for that bit of comfort should also check out the new Tiny Away Escape at the Grampians Edge Caravan Park, a spectacular drive through the National Park from Lake Wartook.

Grampians Camping Taylors Lake

Taylor’s Lake

Taylor’s Lake, 20 kilometres southeast of Horsham, is always popular with anglers, especially with its ample parking, toilet facilities, boat ramps, camping grounds and nearby picnic facilities.

The Lake is renowned for Australian natives and is the best place to catch Murray cod in the Grampians region. If lucky, you could also hook a golden perch or redfin here.

The Horsham Holiday Park or The Capital in Horsham are the best places to catch a few Zs before a big day out on the water.

Green Hill Lake with Grampians National Park Views

Green Hill Lake

Green Hill Lake is a popular fishing and camping spot located an easy 2.5km west of Ararat. With picturesque views of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park and well-equipped visitor facilities, the dog-friendly Green Hill Lake is suitable for fishing year-round. The lake is well-stocked with trout for those looking to catch a feed for dinner, be it from the jetty, a boat or the shoreline.

We recommend the Acacia Caravan Park in Ararat, which provides an excellent range of reasonably priced accommodation options, including drive-through sites!

Lake Bolac near Grampians National Park

Lake Bolac

50 kilometres south of Ararat, 100 kilometres west of Ballarat, or an easy driving distance from the Grampians National Park, Lake Bolac is perfect for a day out on the water. The freshwater lake is about 6-7 feet deep and is a popular boating, fishing and sailing area.

Here you can hook redfin, rainbow trout and short-finned eel. The lake has been stocked with estuary perch in the past, however a bite from one of these at Lake Bolac can be rare!

Lake Toolondo Grampians

Lake Toolondo

Lake Toolondo, southwest of Horsham, has a reputation for producing some of the fastest-growing trout in Victoria. The lake's large weed beds are ideal conditions for producing trophy trout. The waterhole has recently been stocked with more than 3,500 brown trout yearlings, with a further 14,000 brown trout and 10,000 rainbow trout to come later in 2023. These fish will take 6-12 months to grow to a catchable size. The Victorian Fisheries Authority has also been working to reduce the number of carp in Lake Toolondo, with more than 130 tonnes removed over the past 18 months.

Lake Toolondo is also popular for swimming and other boating adventures. At the northern end of the lake, there is a boat ramp and toilet facilities.

Hamilton Victoria Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton

Tucked away in the heart of Hamilton is Lake Hamilton, a well-kept fishing secret that sees many redfin and trout caught and, in recent years, has been stocked with estuary perch and golden perch. Some have had success with tench. A picnic by the lakeside creates a breathtaking experience for day trippers keen to relax, enjoy the peaceful setting and watch the fisherfolk in action.

Moora Moora Reservoir Grampians National Park

Moora Moora Reservoir

Moora Moora Reservoir is an excellent fishing spot for river blackfish and redfin. Located in the heart of Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, approximately 40 minutes drive from Halls Gap. The mountainous surroundings also mean Moora Moora Reservoir is great for birdwatching. Pack a picnic lunch and soak up the views at this relaxing fishing hole, popular with campers and boaters.

Cato Lake Fishing in the Grampians

Cato Lake

Located in Stawell, Cato Lake is a designated family fishing lake and is regularly stocked with catchable sized rainbow trout and redfin, especially on the school holidays. The Lake is surrounded with parklands, barbecues, tables and seating, a playground and walking trails which weave in and around the park, making it an excellent spot to take the kids.

Before venturing to the water stop by one of the local townships of Ararat, Stawell, Hamilton & Horsham for all the supplies needed for a memorable fishing trip.

If you’ve got any questions about fishing, or you need a fishing licence (required for those aged 18 to 69), want to know bag limits or even what type of fish you’ve caught, download the free Victorian Fisheries app.