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The Hamilton Bandicoot Wildlife Walk

Contact The Hamilton Bandicoot Wildlife Walk

The Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning is the gateway to Hamilton Parklands Bandicoot Enclosure. The Hamilton Parklands Bandicoot Enclosure was set up the ensure the survival of the endangered species, The Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

These Bandicoots are being bred in their natural habitat at Hamilton and then being sent to other areas in Victoria where they can be safety bred to increase the size of the population to ensure their survival.

The Parklands at Hamilton, is not only a secure breeding ground for the a Eastern Barred Bandicoot, but contains a beautiful wildlife walk around the old Hamilton reservoir. This walk has signs that have beautiful paintings of all the fauna and flora in the parkland.

The walk around the reservoir in this beautiful natural bush land takes only a little over half an hour. You will see native birds and wildlife, as well as all the native plants representative of our western district bush lands and grassy plains.