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Sheep Art Trail

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The Sheep Art Trail is a must see attraction. It features 41 sheep and two dogs spanning from the Silo Art through the main street to the Wetlands and Fauna Park.

An easy 900 mt walk, each sheep tells a story and links to a place or community group. Each sheep has a name, and a tiny windmill has been hidden on each one. QR codes have been added so the visitor can find out more. The trail includes a variety of digital interactive games and tours that can be played on phones suitable for all ages and interest groups.

All of the sheep have been painted by Kaniva artists and community groups aged eight to eighty. It’s been entirely funded and created by the community. (Other sheep can also be found dotted around the town and altogether there are presently 52 sheep, four lambs and two sheep dogs.)​

If you are travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide, allow an hour to enjoy this easy Sheep Art Trail walk.