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Arkona Silo Art

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Ten kilometres north of Dimboola on the Dimboola-Rainbow Road lies the stunning silo art featuring Arkona local, Roley Klinge. It also highlights the importance of country tennis to these small communities, a major social event through the summer months.

World renowned mural artist Smug faced the challenge of painting a silo sized photorealistic mural without being able to meet and photograph the subject. Unfortunately Roley had passed in 1991. To overcome this, Smug came up with an ingenious and original concept, not painting the body at all.

Not physically painting the body makes this a unique mural that can appeal to all walks of life to interact with the playful tone of the artwork. This approach also puts the focus back onto country tennis, as important as football and other sports to regional communities.

Although he did manage to sneak in a small portrait, plus cleverly incorporating "Roley" into a gold watch, something as iconic as Roley's terry-towelling hat and glasses.