At the foot of Mount Sturgeon, the southern tip of the Grampians and the Great Dividing Range, is the village of Dunkeld.

Dunkeld´s charming main street features shops, cafes and the Royal Mail Hotel which is regularly voted one of the best dining destinations in Australia. But don't be scared to wander beyond the main street to discover a 130 year old wood fired oven and a haven for sweet treats.

This beautiful town has a picturesque Arboretum with a walking track that meanders past hundreds of trees including many giant red gums.

Dunkeld is made for meandering with its sandstone labyrinth and small lakes that are crossed by several bridges. For the more vigorous visitor, a hike up Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt or the Piccaninny affords a great view of the entire Southern Grampians range.

Grampians Eco Tours offer half day and full day tours that connect the visitor with a tailored experience. Reward your mind and body with time out at the Griffins Hill Health Retreat, focussing on yoga and healthy food. For the not so energetic, there is an abundance of scenic drives available. 

Local tips:

  • Experience the sun setting at the end of the day from the small pier at Dunkeld Arboretum with a stunning view of Mt Abrupt.
  • For the more vigorous visitor, a trek up Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt or the Piccaninny gives you a great view of the entire Southern Grampians mountain range.
  • Observe the many kangaroos and emus on the school oval.

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