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Safety Tips

Enjoy Victoria’s breathtaking scenery and diverse natural environments knowing you’ve taken a few simple steps to stay safe.

Stay informed

Remember to always check more than one source of fire information. Visit, call 1800 240 667, check the FireReady app, listen to local radio, talk to your host and visit an accredited Visitor Information Centre. For parks and forests information, including closures, visit

Information on Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park road conditions can be found here.

Before you leave

Download the FireReady app, bookmark the Emergency Victoria website and save the Victorian Bushfire Information Line number – 1800 240 667 – into your mobile phone.

Make sure your mobile phone has a fully charged battery (and regularly keep it charged).

Check the Fire Danger Rating for your destination on the Emergency Victoria website as you may not have phone reception in parts of regional Victoria.

While you're away

Listen to local radio for warnings and advice while you’re on the road. The Emergency Victoria website has a full list of emergency broadcasters.

Stay informed by visiting the Emergency Victoria website, checking the FireReady app, calling the Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667, following the CFA on Twitter or Facebook, talking to locals, visiting an accredited visitor information centre or by listening to an emergency broadcast.

Check if a Total Fire Ban has been declared for the area you are visiting. On a Total Fire Ban day, campfires are not allowed. Only gas and electric barbecues are allowed if you follow the regulations.

For more information about Total Fire Bans, visit the CFA website

On Severe or Extreme Fire Danger Rating days, it’s safer to travel to cities and towns. Never travel into a high risk bushfire area when a Code Red Fire Danger Rating has been forecast.

Be aware of grassfires when you’re travelling. Grassfire can move at speeds of up to 25 km/hr and jump roads.

Local radio stations

3HA – 981AM

3WM – 1089AM

ABC Western – 594AM

ABC South West – 1602AM/94.1FM

MIXX FM Western District – 88.9FM

MIXX FM Horsham – 101.3FM

MIXX FM Ararat – 98.5FM