St Arnaud

More than just a pit stop destination en route to Mildura, St Arnaud is well worth lingering in a little while. Pull up a stool at one of the lively historic pubs, then work off your country pub meal with a wander through town.

Take a stroll through the manicured gardens of Pioneer Park and the Queen Mary Gardens, and admire the town's cast-iron lace work verandas. Spot native wildlife and vibrant spring wildflowers, and venture down to the Teddington Reservoir to camp out or fish in the nearby lakes and rivers.

Local Tips:

  • Visit the Bible Museum and check out the collection of bibles, stamps, tapestries and more. Don't miss the Museum's adjoining Butterfly Garden to see its many colourful residents fluttering about.
  • Drive on out to St Arnaud National Park and follow the four-wheel drive tracks or walking trails.
  • If you're in town in November, celebrate the town's history with the locals at the annual St Arnaud Festival. Local businesses and sporting club build and run their own floats.