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Ticketed Underground Dining at Seppelt Great Western

Contact Ticketed Underground Dining at Seppelt Great Western

At the heart of the Grampians, this experience immerses you in 160 years of winemaking history. The tale began in 1865 when Joseph Best enlisted local gold miners to carve the renowned "Drives" – an intricate network of cellars spanning three and a half kilometres. Now, you have the chance to dine within these historic walls, an encounter that remains on countless bucket lists.

Your journey commences in the iconic Seppelt Great Western Shaft House. Greeted by your host with a glass of sparkling wine, you'll soon descend beneath the earth's surface. A personally guided tour reveals the captivating stories etched into "The Drives" before reaching your designated dining area.

Here, their expert Chefs orchestrate a three-course masterpiece, meticulously paired with Seppelt Foundation Wines. As each course unfolds, a symphony of flavours dances in harmony with the unique ambience that only underground surroundings can provide.

Secure your place now in this exclusive gathering, where history, fine dining, and the allure of the Grampians converge. Discover a realm where the echoes of the past enhance every bite and sip, making this underground dining experience a true masterpiece in its own right.

July 2024

  • Saturday 27th

August 2024

  • Saturday 31st

September 2024

  • Saturday 28th

October 2024

  • Saturday 19th

November 2024

  • Saturday 30th