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Seppelt Wines - Great Western

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Embark on a captivating journey into Grampians' history at Seppelt Great Western. Deeply rooted in the region's past, this iconic destination offers an authentic glimpse into the essence of country Victoria.

Welcoming visitors seven days a week, Seppelt presents the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Step into the historic cellar door, where an array of experiences awaits. Sample a diverse selection of wines, indulge in aromatic coffee, relish a light lunch, or delight in a carefully curated cheese platter.

However, the experience doesn't stop at the surface. Venture below ground and explore The Drives, an extraordinary network of heritage-listed cellars that stretches back to 1868. These underground passages hold a piece of history, making them the longest of their kind in the southern hemisphere.

Seppelt Great Western beautifully intertwines tradition and contemporary pleasures, creating an allure that beckons both locals and regional explorers. A visit here isn't just a trip; it's an encounter with the essence of Grampians' story, waiting to be unravelled by every curious traveller.