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Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre and Rock Garden

Contact Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre and Rock Garden

To see a volcano blow its top and a red river of molten lava cascade down its side is to feel the awesome power of the natural world. An unusual experience awaits you at Penshurst.

The Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre and Rock Garden is a unique museum experience, where hands-on, interactive displays enable visitors to learn about volcanoes, with a particular focus on those in the Western District. Penshurst is located in the heart of the Newer Volcanics Province on the third largest volcanic plain on Earth with its own resident volcano, Collorrer (Mount Rouse). The Discovery Centre and Rock Garden will transport you back thousands of years to when volcanoes were erupting all over the Western District using simulations and relics. Immerse yourself in how volcanoes are formed, their geology, their history in the Greater Hamilton area, the interaction of the Koorie people with volcanoes and view a simulation of Collorrer (Mount Rouse), Penshurst’s very own volcano, erupting.

The Centre is located on Martin Street with access via a service road off the Penshurst-Warrnambool Road. With ample rooms for bus and car parking and public toilets.