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Lakeside kids

Summer Holiday Family Fun

The Grampians is putting on a some amazing kids activities and events during the summer holidays that are sure to keep everyone busy and active! Here are some of our top picks of what to do and where to stay these school holidays...

Summer rain shoes

Whatever the weather, there's plenty to do together

Summers arrived....and it's brought winter back with it! Whilst we're pretty sure that arrangement is temporary, whatever the weather there's plenty of options to fill your days here in the Grampians.

Lantern Ghost Tours J Ward

Halloween at J Ward: Home of the Criminally Insane!

SOME SAY THAT on Halloween, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest. This allows the spirits of that dark unknown place to more freely walk among us - making Halloween the spookiest time of year. Whether that is true or just a tradition, Lantern Ghost Tours say that on Halloween Ararat’s asylums are full of the possibilities of the paranormal.

Mt Langi Ghiran Winery

8 Reasons to go the Grampians this Spring

Lucky for you, the Grampians region really turns it on in Spring with plenty of opportunities to taste, explore and enjoy all that's on offer. From waterfalls to wineries and everything in between, make it your "go to" place to wine, dine and get amongst nature...Here's our top 8 reasons to get booking your Grampians getaway, pronto!

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