Scenic Lookouts


Bring along your camera to capture the essence of the Grampians, capture the majestic views of the Pinnacle, Mount William and the One Tree Hill lookout to name a few.

Enjoy nature from these scenic lookouts. 

The Pinnacle

Grampians National Park

There are a number of walking options to reach The Pinnacle, varying in distance and difficulty. The easiest route to The Pinnacle departs from the Sundial car park within the national park and ascends to The Pinnacle. This is the best route to use if young children are part of your walking group.

The 4.2km walk will take one and a half to two hours for the return trip. It does include some water crossings and rock-hopping, so good sturdy shoes are essential. For further information and a map, visit Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Centre, Halls Gap.

Boroka Lookout

Grampians National Park

Drive up Mt Difficult Road to one of the best lookouts in the Grampians. Take the very short walk from the car-park to the lookout platform and revel in 180 degree views of the Western Victoria, looking out over Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield. Picnic tables and toilets are available.

Reed Lookout and the Balconies

Grampians National Park

Make your way along Mt Victory Road and then disembark in the Reed Lookout car park. Walk the relatively easy two kilometers on to the Balconies for great views of Victoria Range, Lake Wartook and Mount Difficult. A great spot for misty mornings and sunsets.

Mount William

Grampians National Park 

At 1,167 metres, Mount William is the highest point in the park and provides great 360-degree views of mountain ranges and open plains. Take the steep walk to reach the summit. Located on Grampians Dunkeld Tourist Road, South East Grampians.

One Tree Hill Lookout

Ararat Regional Park

One Tree Hill offers unparalleled views over the surrounding landscape. To the west is the Grampians National Park, while Mount Langi Ghiran dominates the eastern skyline. The northern aspect features the Black Range. The view southwards takes in the expansive plains of the Western District.

Mt Rouse Lookout

Southern Grampians - Penshurst

Twenty minutes east of Hamilton, lies the town of Penshurst, home to the extinct volcano Mount Rouse, accessible by vehicle. To the south of the main scoria cone is a deep circular crater with a small lake and shallow crater rimmed with basalt. Past lava flows from Mount Rouse followed shallow, gently sloping river courses, extending at least 60kilometers south. A thin basalt lava flow contained in the scoria cone has been dated approximately 1.8 million years old. The Mount Rouse summit provides panoramic views of the lava plain and surrounding district.

Mt Arapiles Lookout

Mt Arapiles Tooan State Park - Horsham

To reach the summit, choose between two short but steep walking tracks from Centenary Park at the base or drive along Lookout Road, which winds its way up to a car park near the summit, where a short track leads to the scenic lookout.

Near the top of Lookout Road, a side road to the right leads to the Bluff picnic area and more great views. The vehicle track that circles Arapiles is suitable for cycling and driving and is a good walk in wildflower season, although all but the eastern end of the track is closed to vehicles during winter. 

Big Hill Lookout

Big Hill Lookout - Stawell 

From this lookout there are great views that extend across the city to The Grampians. There is a radial direction marker indicating points of interest under the memorial gazebo at the lookout.

Turn north off the Western Freeway onto Seaby Street (signposted to Stawell City Centre). Follow this street which becomes Main Street for 2.5 kilometres then turn right onto Big Hill Road. The lookout is only 300 metres along a sealed road which is quite suitable to tow a small caravan with a turning circle around the gazebo.