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Inga Hunter

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Inga Hunter is a mixed-media artist recognised for her contribution to the development of textile and fibre art in Australia, particularly in the field of experimental dyeing and batik. Works from the TAMA Collection exhibits the gallery’s prized works by Hunter including the sub-collection, Miniature Robes from the Archives of the Imperium, 1986-1989 and two original Work Journals which includes developmental designs of many of her works on display.

Most of the works on display come from Hunter’s invented world governed by The Great Court of the Imperium, a large body of delegates from three planets presided over by an elected head. Delegates wear robes to symbolise their role in society, with each robe designed for its wearer with an identical miniature copy made to be stored permanently in the archives. When the wearer either dies or relinquishes office, the robe itself is destroyed, leaving only the miniature, which is what you will see in this exhibition.

In 2020, Ararat Gallery TAMA commissioned MDP Photography and Video to create two stop-motion videos to showcase the wealth of sketches, notes and swatches held within the Work Journals. We are pleased to share the results with you here:

Inga Hunter Work Journal Stop Motion Video 2020

Inga Hunter Work Journal – The Old Imperium Stop Motion Video 2020

PRICE: Free Entry


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