Alternative/Folk outfit Wolf and Willow bring to you to the latest single 'Heat on Fire'. The Melbourne boys who met in high school began their adventures as Wolf and Willow with their debut EP 'Born to be'.

Recorded with good friend James Dinopolous (NinetyNine100) the boys moved a makeshift studio into an old church built in the 1800's and the journey began. The EP has seen the boys take to several national tours featuring festival appearances and a string of intimate house concerts. 

The EP's lead single 'Seaside' climbed the Viral Spotify Charts reaching number seven and number eleven through Australia and the US respectively.

The boys are now excited to bring you their newest adventure 'Heat on Fire' out now across the globe.


Sat 10 Feb 2018 – Sat 10 Feb 2018. All dates below:

Sat 10 Feb 2018