Forget the big statements and gestures by national Christian leaders. Quiet Faith is an intimate and intriguing production by playwright David Williams which gives voice to Australian Christians and raises important questions simmering beneath the surface. What is the place of the church in public debate? How should individual Christians play a part? How does faith express itself in life?

Quiet Faith is an immersive theatre experience limited to 75 people and is held in the round where guests will sit on benches laid out in concentric circles, with candles dotted sporadically and a halo of neon light suspended above their heads.

For the next 70 minutes, Quiet Faith effortlessly splices together the interview responses from twenty Australian Christians and offers a beautiful, immersive and heartfelt portrait of the very different ways that faith can underpin civic life.

Immersive theatre experience limited to only 75 patrons. Strong themes and language warning.


Tue 24 Jul 2018 – Wed 25 Jul 2018. All dates below:

Tue 24 Jul 2018
Wed 25 Jul 2018