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Sharp Airlines

Sharp is a vibrant regional aviation business with operations spanning the three southern states of Australia. Headquartered in Hamilton, Victoria, Sharp is a shining example of a regional business that has grown to command a strong presence and prominent reputation in the regional airline industry. Ideally placed to serve the communities of Victoria and Tasmania, Sharp carries in excess of 100,000 passengers annually as well as being a leading provider of freight services across the network. Regular services fly between: Warrnambool, Portland and Melbourne (Essendon) in Victoria, and Tasmanian services to Flinders Island from Melbourne (Essendon) and Launceston, as well as flights to King Island, direct from Melbourne (Essendon), Launceston and Burnie (Wynyard) In Tasmania, Sharp provides the only regular airline service from Launceston to Flinders Island and Melbourne (Essendon) to Flinders Island with passenger numbers increasing annually.

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