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Serviceton Railway Station - Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt

Join the team at Twisted History for a haunted weekend away. In 2019 they will be heading back to the Serviceton Railway Station with two sessions - one Saturday night and one Sunday afternoon. Built on what was believed at the time to be the border of Victoria and South Australia, you won't believe what is hidden inside. Both states had different rail gauges so passengers had to disembark go though customs before boarding a new train. Rarely investigated, this largest building is a labyrinth of rooms over three levels. From a Dining Hall, Ballroom, Accommodations, Hotel, Morgue and Police Cells where convicts were chained to the wall. Held over the last Weekend of each September, and serves to commence the start of each new Halloween season. Its noble intention is to globally observe the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the novice, curious, experts and professionals that investigate paranormal activity in these iconic locations. Timed to coincide with up to 150 different Paranormal Investigations teams in over 10 countries worldwide simultaneously. This is your chance to investigate on a global scale in the comfort of Victoria.

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