Horsham Art Gallery Trust supports annually the purchase of new artworks to build the gallery's collection. The Gallery works with three members of the community to explore current trends and their relationship to the collection. Exhibitions are visited, websites viewed, articles shared, reports written, a shortlist is made and the artworks are assessed against the Horsham Regional Art Gallery Collection Policy.

The photography of Australia’s First Nations people has become a significant component of the collection of Australian photographic practice. This year they welcome work by James Tylor, Kent Wilson and Destiny Deacon. Deacon uses our obsession with football and humour to investigate our representation of Indigenous people, while Kent and Tylor each in their own way illustrate that culture is ongoing, and connected to the natural world be it urban or the bush.

Through the work of Honey Long and Prue Stent we focus on their work 'Salt Lake' made on Dimboola’s Pink Lake and purchased through the Nance Kroker Bequest.

The gallery continues to celebrate Mack Jost’s extraordinary gift to the community with a work by Alice Wormald, whose oil painting continues the investigation of landscape painting and enters the collection through the Mack Jost Bequest.


Sat 15 Dec 2018 – Sun 24 Feb 2019. All dates below:

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