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Rattlin Bones Blackwood live at Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co

Rattlin Bones Blackwood believes in the possession of the spirit; the healing properties of a hip shakin’ shuffle; the crackle of a cranked valve amplifier, and the eternal search for a bigger bass drum. He is a one-man-band who tears through raucous rhythm and blues, boogie, Mississippi hill country and vintage rock and roll like his hair’s on fire. His show was born on the streets of Chattanooga Tennessee, and Atlanta Georgia with a donated guitar, a plywood board and two milk crates. He now has better guitars, a screaming amp, half a drum kit, and a more comfortable seat. Whether front and centre on an outdoor festival stage or crammed into the corner of your local bar, Rattlin’ Bones Blackwood creates a huge sound that defies the appearance of his set-up. This sound has began to spread across Australia with appearances at the 2024 Dark Mofo Festival in Hobart and this years 2015 Sydney Festival, including the Parramatta Opening Party. He tears it up – You dance your arse off.

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