Traditionally, Laternenfest, or Festival of Lanterns, takes place on the last Friday of November. German communities celebrate Laternenfest in honour of St. Martin who was known for his generosity of spirit.

He brought light into poor people's lives, and this is symbolized by the lights of the closing lantern parade. Held in the grounds of Tarrington's St Michaels Lutheran Church, the event features tours of the towns famous church building, stein holding competition, food, wine, lantern-making, craft stalls, children's maypole dance and more.

A haybale art competition is one of the growing and best-loved features of Laternenfest, with 'artwork' on display on the streets of Tarrington from mid October till the end of the year. This year a Primary schools Hay Bale Art competition will be added, for schools in Penshurst and Hamilton.


Fri 24 Nov 2017 – Fri 24 Nov 2017. All dates below:

Fri 24 Nov 2017