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Images from Moonambel

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The Raillery Hub Inc in St Arnaud proudly presents "Images from Moonambel" an exhibition featuring the profound abstract works of renowned artist Russell Drever.

His artistic journey began at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1963-1965), where he was profoundly influenced by George Baldessin. Drever's early career featured notable participation in group shows at the Museum of Modern Art Melbourne.

The years 1965-1968, spent in London, were critical in shaping his artistic vision, drawing inspiration from the New York School, especially Pollock and Warhol. This period marked the development of his rich color palette, later earning him acclaim as a 'master colorist' during his 1989 exhibition at Galerie Cannibal Pierce in Paris.

Relocating to Moonambel in 2000, Drever's work began reflecting the harsh, natural beauty of the valley. His abstract pieces, aiming to evoke emotional responses through color and form, represent a spiritual and exploratory journey into 'distant interiors.'

Russell Drever describes his preference for abstractions as a means to impact viewers' emotions directly, considering his art a continuous exploration of 'distant interiors.' "Images from Moonambel" is more than an art exhibition; it's an invitation to explore the abstract realms crafted by Drever, offering a profound experience to its visitors.



March 2024

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