In 1852, the emigrant ship Ticonderoga limped into Port Melbourne after a nightmare voyage from England in which nearly 200 of her passengers had died of typhus. Her saga of tragedy, loss and heroism gripped the people of the young nation like nothing before. This though, is just the beginning of the story. Michael Veitch takes us on one-man’s journey through one of Victoria’s most horrific maritime events.

Why this story? The surgeon was actually Michaels’ great-great-grandfather - James William Henry Veitch. A story repeatedly told to Michael all his young life by his own father he has carried it and explored it all these years. With pieces of music from the era performed by Michael’s son, there will be the web of four generations of Veitch on stage. This is truly a family story.

Running time: 70 minutes, no interval.


Mon 10 Sep 2018 – Mon 10 Sep 2018. All dates below:

Mon 10 Sep 2018