Grim Fawkner is an itinerant minstrel, whose acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful balladry, with elements of blues, pop and indie thrown in.

He is a self taught guitarist and vocalist, has been self managed and performing for four years and has toured extensively across Australia and New Zealand.
Fawkner has mentored under Melbourne music stalwarts such as Charles Jenkins (Icecream Hands), Rebecca Barnard, and Davy Lane (You Am I).

Grim, under his real name Tané Emia-Moore, has also been featured on Melbourne's 'BalconyTV', alongside artists such as Matt Corby, Neil Finn, and Eskimo Joe, and has performed support for Evermore in New Zealand. He has played with Australian icons Something For Kate, You Am I, Missy Higgins and many more at Queenscliff Music Festival 2012.

Grim Fawkner's music is fresh and unique enough to set it apart, yet with enough pop sensibility that it is accessible by all music appreciators.
It is his high intensity and passion for performing live though that keeps him in the minds of all who see him play.


Fri 04 May 2018 – Fri 04 May 2018. All dates below:

Fri 04 May 2018