Grampians Horse Riding Centre is a world class facility specialising in delivering outstanding experiences to a wide range of customers, from top international riders to first timers. They have developed a system for catering and challenging all levels of rider on the same tour.

This unique business is far removed from the traditional notion of a ‘nose to tail trail ride’ but is next level, no nonsense horse riding, involving their own personal horses. They pride themselves on their ability to teach accurately and quickly so that a novice rider can expect to become professional in a very short space of time. Many riders are amazed at just how quickly they are able to master this complex activity.

Their system delivers education and understanding so that a high degree of safety and enjoyment of this otherwise potentially dangerous sport can be achieved quickly.

Grampians Horse Riding is an industry leader of 28 years experience and uses the latest methods and equipment to deliver a horse riding experience unlike any other. Many regulars have been left to comment, they would not ride anywhere else.

For the owners and operators, Grampians Horse Riding is not just a business, it is their passion.