Eucy Redd Raw Ecodyes joins forces with My Crafternoon for this hands-on workshop on botanical eco dyeing.

Take home a wool or vegan cotton/hemp scarf which you've dyed and printed yourself using botanical materials like petals, leaves and bark, plus mordants and a little magic.

This workshop also includes a walking tour through native parklands, native edible plant garden, veggie patches and natural wetlands to discuss responsible foraging and identify flowers and foliage suitable for eco-dyeing, take-home seeds to start planting your own dye-producing garden.

There will be hot and cold drinks and sweet treats, an information booklet to take home and the opportunity to purchase additional scarves and intro packs to continue dyeing at home. Children over the age of five are welcome and tickets are available online.


Sat 09 Mar 2019 – Sat 09 Mar 2019. All dates below:

Sat 09 Mar 2019