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eARTh Ceramics Exhibition

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eARTh opens at the St Arnaud Railway Station Gallery on Saturday 12th June at 2pm, presenting the works of nine professional, multi-award winning and newly established ceramic artists from central and regional Victoria.

The featured artists from Avoca, Daylesford, Halls Gap, Deep Lead, Malmsbury and Smythe’s Creek include: Trina Ambrose, Minna Graham, Judy Hilbig, Amelia Kingston, Desiree Radi Mansbridge, Ruby Pilven, Marina Pribaz, Petrus Spronk and Sarah Taylor.

It is the first exclusive ceramic exhibition for the gallery, with all vessels and sculptures presented in the main gallery available for purchase.

The auxiliary gallery will feature ceramics from local private collections (for display only) sourced from Australia and overseas.

Throughout history, ceramic objects have always been coveted commodities. It is one of the oldest known artforms, dating back to 26,000 BC and remains just as trendy today.

Ceramics are highly valued by anthropologists who have studied the techniques, styles and materials used to create and fire the objects as a window to past customs and cultures of another time.

It goes to show that ceramic art has stood the test of time – the more time that passes the more value it gains. Each ceramics artist has set their own artistic approach and specific language that addresses the public the way they want it to speak to the audience.



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