Coolas Ice creamery continues to be a must have when in Halls Gap. Famous for the delicious homemade waffle cones and 36 succulent flavours of gourmet Ice Cream, it’s a perfect reward after that long hike or activity.

Coolas Ice Creamery also has a vast range of cold or hot drinks including milkshakes, old fashion super Thickshake’s and hot Chocolate or Coffee, also selling hot dogs, cheese dogs, jacket potatoes with a variety of delicious toppings and toasted waffles.

Situated on the corner of Stony Creek with and prices to suit everyone from tiny tots to the huge three scoop waffle cones or sundaes, it’s a perfect location to relax and watch the wildlife hop by.

You haven’t been to Halls Gap until you have had a Coolas Ice Cream, it’s a tradition.