Located on a sand ridge on Lake Albacutya a small cylindrical hole inhabited by the Bardi Grub insipired Rainbow based artist Belinda Eckermann.

The Bardi grubs existence goes largely unremarked, until the resultant Ghost moth emerges as a terrifying spectre. Concepts of fear and disconnect with the agricultural environment and nature have been ongoing themes within Eckermanns’ practice. The Ghost moth's perceived threat is due to its individual size and appearance evoking repulsion. The native Ghost moth poses no threat to our ecosystem or agriculture. This is fear born of ignorance, their actual lack of threat contributing to their anonymity. Eckermann’s collaborative drawings with the ghost moths reveal their hidden beauty in stark contrast to their terrifying appearance.

This exhibition will run from 18 August to 7 October.


Sat 18 Aug 2018 – Sun 07 Oct 2018. All dates below:

Sat 18 Aug 2018
Sun 19 Aug 2018
Mon 20 Aug 2018
Tue 21 Aug 2018
Sat 01 Sep 2018
Sun 02 Sep 2018
Mon 03 Sep 2018
Tue 04 Sep 2018