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Cavendish Red Gum Festival

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The Cavendish Red Gum Festival celebrates the iconic Red Gum tree, which dominates the rural landscape of South-West Victoria and South-East South Australia. It aims to foster appreciation of the ways in which this majestic tree enhances the environment and lifestyle, and seeks to inform the public of the challenges faced to ensure the survival of the species into the future, particularly the huge, old paddock trees.

Through a diverse range of activities visitors will enjoy, explore and learn about the unique local environment.

There is the Environmental Forum with knowledgeable and experienced speakers, environmental groups and a Q and A session. If you are more artistically inclined, the outstanding art and photography in the Red Gum Gallery, or the Sculpture Walk along the river will capture your interest. There are displays and demonstrations of woodworking and milling, along with a wide range of market vendors. The Dog High Jump is a crowd favourite and there are a range of workshops for visitors of all ages.

Nature-based activities, and an affordable all-day fun wristband will keep the children engaged for hours, and adults of all ages can enjoy food and wine whilst enjoying a range of performers on The Red Gum Stage.



April 2024

  • Saturday 13th