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Cadd & Morris

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Brussell's history has heritage. Both Brian Cadd and Russell Morris had their first hits in the '60s. Both Brian Cadd and Russell Morris endured through the '70s, '80s, '90s and into the 21 century. Both Brian Cadd and Russell Morris are still delivering relevant new music in the '10s and now both Brian Cadd and Russell Morris are about to step into the Roaring '20s with a new show together.

When Brian and Russell collaborate on a setlist fans are treated to a dose of Australian rock history. With their new albums 'Silver City' from Brian and 'Black and Blue Heart' from Russell bookended with their first hits dating back to the late '60s, 'Brussell' delivers a lifetime of original music in one show.

When you take away their names and just look at the songtitles 'The Real Thing', 'Don't You Know Its Magic', 'Sweet Sweet Love', 'Ginger Man', 'Wings of an Eagle', 'A Little Ray of Sunshine', 'Rachel', 'Arkansas Grass' reads like a sample hour from your favourite radio station.

When you just listen to the new songs like Russell's 'Forever Remembered' or Brian's 'Everybody's Leaving' you begin to understand to depth of life experience these two legends of Australian music have observed and appreciate the musical documents they have given us all over the past 50-plus years.


July 2021

  • Thursday 22nd