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Bromley Collection Museum at The Old Castlemaine Gaol

Contact Bromley Collection Museum at The Old Castlemaine Gaol

From the minds and collection of David and Yuge Bromley, this is a love letter to art and creatives…a museum of works from Australian and international artists, across a broad range of mediums and eras. Housed within the historic 1861 Old Castlemaine Gaol.

Delve into the obsessive, compulsive and constantly evolving collection of art, sculpture and objects that showcases various works, curios and stories that form a landscape in Australian and International cultural history.

The museum is privately owned and run by a close knit team within the broader Bromley & Co family, the collection within is deeply personal and diverse. It has not gone through the lens of a curator, but rather the rattling minds of two people who are pure and simply consumed with art and creative output. The Gaol was to shift the axis of what the Gaol was known for, a place of despair, sadness and trauma into a place that evokes a sense of life, joy and art.

The museum is designed to fit within the existing heritage framework of the gaol, which is sprawling and we invite visitors to meander and explore.

Enjoy the two hectares of beautiful landscaped gardens and courtyards and wrap your head around the history embedded in the Old Castlemaine Gaol.

Three rooms have also been dedicated to portraying stories from the colonial past.