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As far as the eye can see

As far as the eye can see presents the work of 22 Australian artists which celebrates the diversity and depth of current print-making practice. Each artist examines their individual relationship to the land through a variety of print media, describing both the vast scale and the intimate detail of our diverse natural environment and portraying Australia’s unique and varied geography. From Aboriginal desert story-tellers and knowledge keepers, through the regional experience of World Heritage sites and journeys from city to country (or simply from place to place), to the challenge of speaking up in the face of climate change and mining, the common thread running through the exhibition is a deep respect for the land and a desire to continue sharing a meaningful relationship with it. On Friday 30 August 10:00am to11.30am meet the exhibitions. Join gallery staff for morning tea and an informal walk and talk through the new exhibitions. On Saturday 31 August there will be workshops with Artist Freedom Wilson, as well as pant morphology workshop for kids.

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