Amabile Dalfarra-Smith’s practice is rooted in her connection to place and her relationship with Western Victoria’s landscape. Her work is influenced by photography and her training as a graphic designer and experience as an art teacher. The essence of the place inspire Dalfarra-Smith’s personal responses to nature. These interpretations may be realistic, but often develop more abstractly through seeking to see the world from more than simply a pedestrian’s point of view.

A line through landscape offers a survey of linocuts, paintings and drawings from 1994 - 2018, focusing on Dalfarra-Smith’s relationship with nature and unique style which incorporates realism, expressionism, design and graphic line.

Well-known for her Eucalyptus Series, Dalfarra-Smith renders unusual perspectives and uses cast shadows to describe form and emphasise space. Other paintings include shrubby landscapes and grasses that are more expressive and derived from thumbnails and sketches that the artist produced when travelling. Dalfarra-Smith presents a number of different artistic interpretations of the Wimmera countryside and flora that prompt us to see the line of landscape in novel ways.

A HRAG exhibition


Sat 13 Oct 2018 – Sun 09 Dec 2018. All dates below:

Sat 13 Oct 2018
Sun 14 Oct 2018
Mon 15 Oct 2018
Tue 16 Oct 2018
Thu 01 Nov 2018
Fri 02 Nov 2018
Sat 03 Nov 2018
Sun 04 Nov 2018