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Winter outdoor adventure pursuits, The Grampians Way

11 Jun 2021

The Grampians region is renowned as a veritable playground for nature lovers and adventure seekers. From stunning hikes to thundering waterfalls, rock climbing thrills and more, there are plenty of activities that get you exploring outdoors and reconnecting with nature. As we come into winter, many of us associate cold weather with gloomy days stuck indoors on the couch, but local outdoor enthusiast Adrian from Absolute Outdoors and Grampians Peaks Walking Company reminds us there are so many more fulfilling things to do!

Lucky for you, he has been creating unique adventures for visitors for over a decade and knows the area like the back of his hand. Take inspiration from his list of ideal outdoor pursuits to embark on this winter.

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Adventure with Absolute Outdoors

Rock climbing and abseiling are fun, thrill seeking activities for the cooler season. Scramble your way up a climbing route selected to challenge you or launch yourself off the edge and descend down the cliff. Both experiences are incredibly safe, fun and challenging. We also tailor these sessions to suit young families, from beginner to the more experienced.

At Absolute Outdoors we offer plenty of other outdoor experiences in the Grampians with a range of guided activities for all ages. We also have a large range of rental gear that can fill the gaps and get you out to play!

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Hiking and walking

Hiking for the sunrise is great. Chautauqua Peak is a top pick, or Boronia Peak for the more adventurous. Both have stunning views across the plains for a sunrise and offer great vantage points to look over the valley to Halls Gap and the Wonderland Range - seeing those cliffs slowly get painted with light is magic. I highly recommend rugging up in lots of layers and taking a hot thermos of coffee or something to stay warm while you're waiting for the sun.

Check out our rental gear if you’re looking for an overnight hiking experience.

If you’re after a leisurely nature walk rather than a hike we have so many easy trails to explore this winter. We get some spells of REALLY cold nights, but the reward is some amazingly clear days - perfect for a nice stroll!

More recently, new sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail opened. The public have access to four day-hikes in the north and south of the park. Part of the soon-to-be-completed 13 day Grampians Peaks Trail, the featured day-hikes take in the inspiring ancient landscape, including Mount Stapylton, Lake Wartook, the lower waterfalls of Mount Difficult and Signal Peak. Ranging in distance and difficulty, the hikes provide new ways to experience our remarkable rugged ranges.

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There’s nothing like chasing waterfalls in winter either! The Grampians is home to some of Victoria’s most majestic waterfalls and in the cooler season you can expect them to be flowing with regular rainfall. My top suggestions below:

Then the best one would be the new Grampians Peaks Trail section called the 'lower waterfalls of Gar' - Gar being the traditional name for Mt Difficult. This walk is amazing, super accessible and explores some epic falls.

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Luxury Hiking with Grampians Peaks Walking Company

One of the BEST ways to explore the Grampians in winter is to do all the above on a Grampians Peaks Walking Co Luxe tour. Our Northern Luxe itinerary has a sunset with a wine in hand, gourmet food, great walks and even includes a visit to the newly accessible waterfalls of Gar walk. You find all the details here:

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One other idea (just in case):

If you do get shut down by weather, the perfect alternative plan is to explore the wineries and great gourmet food options in the region.