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Welcome back to the Grampians, it’s time to hit the open road for an adventure!

4 Jun 2020

We are so excited to welcome you back to the Grampians region for day trips and overnight stays!

There’s never been a better time to embrace your inner explorer and have yourself a perfect day (or even better, a short stay) in the Grampians.

Set off with the sunrise at 7 am and enjoy the ultimate road trip playlist. If you want to pack in as much as possible, you’re now welcome to stay overnight in the region. Many of our accommodation providers are accepting bookings for travellers and can’t wait to have you stay. Check out our accommodation providers here and book a place to rest and recharge before heading back on the road.

Continue the road-trip vibes in-region on the Grampians Road drive from Halls Gap to Dunkeld. Named one of the best scenic drives by Time Out, it showcases spectacular ranges, lakes and art.

Or get the blood pumping and feel the invigorating crisp Grampians air on one or some of these awe-inspiring adventures.


As we slowly bounce back to reality, spending time in nature is the perfect way to re-centre. Get your body moving and soak up the magnificent mountain views with these hikes:

Pinnacle nature1 22

1. The Pinnacle

The iconic Pinnacle walk, and lookout is one of the highlights of the entire Grampians region. Hikers are rewarded with stunning views of Halls Gap and the Grampians' many peaks. Visitors have a choice of three trails to reach The Pinnacle, each varying in distance and grade.

Aerial Mt Sturgeon Mr Abrupt

2. Mount Abrupt

Mount Abrupt is a little more difficult than your usual 6.5km walk, suitable for the experienced hiker. This trail will have you winding through woodland and emerging on a rocky ridge, allowing you to gaze over the peaks of neighbour, Mt Sturgeon.


Now that fishing is permitted, it’s time to pack up the car and head into the countryside for a long-overdue fishing expedition! Here are some of our top recommended fishing spots in the region:


1. Lake Wartook

Just half an hour from Halls Gap, Lake Wartook is a peaceful and rather secluded lake that is great for fishing, kayaking and picnicking. After a successful day of fishing, head over to Reeds Lookout for stunning lake views, best at sunset when the sky turns pink.


2. Lake Lonsdale

Lake Lonsdale is the perfect spot to relax and wait for a tug on the fishing line. The lake offers multiple sandy beaches with easy access into the water including a boat ramp for fishers. This particular location is great for fishing Redfin and Trout. Discover more here.

*Image credit: Terri-Lee Campion


Out our way, you can discover a new world of riding. Pedal through fresh air and experience the most magnificent scenic bike tracks in the region, starting with these hidden gems:

Cycle West 191122 005702

1. Boroka Lookout Loop Road Ride

Settle in for a 50km cycle round loop, starting and finishing at Halls Gap. On wheels, the kilometres don't seem like much, but with the metres you'll climb, you're going to feel it by the end of the day. Don’t worry, the rewards are well and truly worth it! Discover the cycling route and download the map here.

*Image credit: Cycle West

Silo Art Trail Ride

2. Silo Art Trail Ride

If you’re seeking a challenging adventure with spectacular landscapes and iconic artistic stopovers along the way, the Silo Art Trail Ride will take your breath away. The full trail stretches more than 200km from start to finish but, don’t stress, we won’t make you ride that far! We’ve put together a great cycling route that covers just over 72km of the trail.

The Silo Art Trail has become Australia’s largest outdoor art gallery and provides a unique adventure for the experienced cyclist. Along the journey you’ll come across through three astounding murals by the best artists of the region.

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen, a waterproof jacket, comfortable riding shoes, and of course snacks. You can find the trail map and directions here.

Our tight-knit community is incredibly thankful for the support we’ve received through these unprecedented times. As restrictions continue to lift, we encourage all Victorians to continue supporting the region by patronising our local businesses however you can. We can’t wait to see you!