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Hikes you never knew existed in the Grampians region

31 Mar 2021

The Grampians has some of the best hiking and walking trails in Australia and no doubt you’ve ticked a few favourites off the list. But have you ventured into our majestic bushlands to explore hidden trails? Awaken your sense of adventure with our list of secret hikes we bet you haven’t heard of before.

A journey of discovery awaits, The Grampians Way.

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Black Range State Park

Covering over 11,700 hectares of land, Black Range State Park is an excellent spot for bushwalking. Adventure seekers will admire nature’s beauty in the sandstone cliffs, lush native forests and unique wildlife. With many hiking trails leading to the mountain peaks, you will witness breathtaking views of the entire region and its surroundings. See some recommended hikes in the Park below:

  • The Mudadgadjin Walk –an easy trail within the Black Range State Park beginning at the Mudadgadjin picnic area.
  • Rock Escarpment Discovery Trail – for those looking for an adventurous walk, begin at the Mudadgadjin picnic area and follow the track to Mudadgadjin shelter. Continue past the shelter to trek the 5km return trail. Go past wind-swept caverns and climb to the top for excellent views.
  • Mt Byron Walk – from the Rocklands Cherry Pool Road, enter the Muirfoot 4WD track and drive 4.5km. Follow a steep walking track up the range to arrive at the summit of Mt Byron. Return via the same route. This walk is 3km return.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic! There are plenty of nearby benches and family-friendly areas in the Park for you to replenish your energy.

Chimney pots

Chimney Pots

This is an excellent hike in the western section of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. A true hidden gem!

The Chimney Pots is not for the faint hearted though, it is a challenging hike which insiders know for its spectacular views and distinct rugged character. It is noticeably wilder and more remote than other areas, so you’re in for a real adventure. Be sure to come prepared with comfy shoes, appropriate clothing and water.

The track to the summit only covers 3.7km but is considered hard as it is steep, and parts of the path are rocky which requires some careful manoeuvring. Park beside the road and follow the narrow track through forest and a profusion of wildflowers in spring. The track climbs steadily for 1.5km, crossing a small creek to a junction. From here the track circles the rocky ramparts of the Chimney Pots. The climb soon becomes much steeper, including some rough steps hacked into the hill as the track rises for another 500 metres to the base of giant cliffs.

After your climb you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of steepling cliffs and rocky ridge tops. Be sure to look out for Mount Abrupt and Mount Sturgeon in the distance.

Paddy castle

Paddy Castle

Paddy Castle is a secret gem in the Victoria Valley of central Grampians.

It is a nice 0.6km out and back trail located near Zumsteins - good for all skill levels. This hike gives you a remote experience without having to travel to a remote location. It’s a great place to avoid the crowds too.

With an elevation gain of 26m, we recommend clambering up this small rocky outcrop for 360-degree views of the entire valley framed by the magnificent mountain ranges. You can sit on the rock for hours and get lost in the mighty beauty of our ancient landscape.

Mt Langi

Langi Ghiran State Park

Approximately 14km from Ararat is Langi Ghiran State Park. If this is your first time visiting, drop into the visitor centre for some insightful information on the walking trails available. We suggest embarking on the Mount Langi and Mount Gorrin hike which is a decent 15.2km circuit. Enough to keep you going for approximately 5 hours - depending on the pace you’re setting.

You’ll start your walk by slowly winding up the mountain via the reservoir on Easter Creek Track. From here you’ll begin hiking off-trail in order to reach the summit of Langi Ghiran. A pleasant walk to the mountain summit offers a view of ancient red gums on Mount Buangor in the east and the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park in the distant west. Take in the beauty as you descend from the summit to a hidden lagoon in the valley below. Rugged granite peaks and gentle sloping woodlands are the dominant features of this park.

Here, you can make the most of your hiking adventure by extending your stay and spending the night under the starry skies at Langi Ghiran Picnic and Camping area.