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First time visiting Halls Gap Zoo? Here’s what you can do, see and feed!

25 Mar 2021

A trip to the Grampians is not complete without a visit to Halls Gap Zoo, Victoria’s largest regional zoo.

Built on the foothills of the majestic Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park, the Zoo is home to over 160 different species of animals. From inquisitive meerkats, gigantic giraffes, colossal rhinoceroses, swift cheetahs and a plethora of wallaby and kangaroo species to feed, you and the whole family will have a ball.

There’s BBQ and picnic facilities, a playground, roaming wildlife, a gift shop with snacks and souvenirs and wide open spaces. You won’t feel overcrowded or have to push and shove for a good view here.

Why not take it up a notch with an up close and personal encounter with the friendly animals? These once-in-a-lifetime experiences are a great way to introduce animals to the kids, or even a great gift for your animal crazed loved ones.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer - don’t forget to book ahead.

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Deer and Wallaby Encounters

This one is a must. Upon entrance purchase a small bag of feed and get ready for a fun interaction with the roaming deer and wallaby. Be careful not to feed them too much, they’ll follow you around the entire zoo!

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Cheetah Encounter

If you’re up for a thrilling animal experience, then nothing will top this! New Cheetah Encounters allow you to get up close and personal with the world’s fastest land animal. Be guided by one of the zookeepers as you feed the big cats before heading into the enclosure to hide food, then watch them run out to discover it.

From $100.00

Book here:

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Dingo Encounter

Pat, scratch and feed Australia’s only native dog species. Discover a cheeky side to the zoo’s friendly and gentle dingoes.

From $25.00

Book here:

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Giraffe Encounter

Ever been up close and personal with a giraffe? Come eye to eye with earth’s tallest mammal and admire these gentle giants with a hand feeding experience. Don’t forget to get a quick pic from the Zoo’s photographer!

From $50.00

Book here:

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Red Panda Encounter

Halls Gap Zoo brings you the only red panda encounter in Victoria! And probably the cutest animal experience too. Take the unique opportunity to get close to these handsome boys. Once they figure out you have their favourite lunchtime snacks, they will be eating out of your hand in no time.

From $80.00

Book here:

Zoo 3423 2012

Meerkat Encounter

If you love a cheeky meerkat then you’ll love this experience. Feed these wonderful little creatures as they clamber and climb all over you to get their food.

From $40.00

Book here:

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Rhino Encounter

Spend an enriching moment with a 2 tonne southern white rhino. In this shared experience you’ll join the keepers as they head down to the rhino yards for their daily interactions with Kifaru. This exciting encounter changes daily; you could be joining Kifaru for an afternoon scratch and a chat, you could be helping the keepers feed him, or you could even give him a spa treatment with a mud bath!

From $80.00

Book here:

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Be a Zookeeper for a day

If you can’t choose just one encounter, why not partake in the ultimate Halls Gap Zoo experience by becoming a zookeeper for a day? You’ll spend the whole day assisting in daily exhibit maintenance, preparing animal diets and feeding the animals.

From $250.00 for a whole day or for a morning $150.00 -

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Halls Gap Zoo’s newest family member

Don’t leave the Zoo without visiting their newest family members - their golden lion tamarin twins. At only 3 months old these cuties are the size of a small coffee cup. Males help to raise their offspring, and often carry their young on their backs in between feedings. So you’ll most likely find them on their dad’s back. Too adorable to miss!

Enjoy an insightful and relaxing day at the Zoo as you take your time wandering the exhibits and admiring the animals playing and interacting with their friends. We promise you and the family won’t leave disappointed.