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Feel Free to Feel Free – The Grampians Way

13 May 2020

Thanks to everyone’s diligence in staying home, we’re finally starting to see some hope of travel on the horizon. While overnight trips are still off the agenda for now, it looks like we may be able to holiday within our state within the near future. And what better way to support each other and our economy than to #holidayhere?

No doubt your time in isolation is like ours, filled with highs and lows. There are many things that we wish to hold onto and learn from this journey, while others we can’t wait to escape. And so, we present five reasons to make sure you have a trip to the Grampians planned to celebrate your freedom…

MT ABRUPT credit Rob Blackburn Photography

1) Embrace Freedom in Nature

Have you noticed how your wellbeing improves when you spend time in nature? Isn’t it amazing how a walk outside, the crunch of the autumn leaves, or the warmth of the late afternoon sun can lift your spirits and recharge you? How after a day home-schooling the kids, the only thing that resets everybody is a walk around the block?

This applies on a grander scale. Once the hustle and bustle of regular life resumes, make time to reconnect with nature, continue to find these fulfilling moments and really feel the freedom. Remember how the good part of this whole mess was the slow down. The Grampians is the perfect place to appreciate the tranquillity of a waterfall, the scale of the vast landscape we inhabit or the stillness of the bush.

Get planning with our Top 10 Hikes and Walks.

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2) Disconnect to Reconnect

Across the board, our time with technology has increased. Emails, Netflix, Zoom Webex, social media, HouseParty, the electronic babysitter… The list goes on. It’s our best and worst friend at this time. The Grampians is the perfect place to disappear for a few days to give our fragmented brains some time to switch off and calm down. Do a digital detox to forget about phones and tech for a while. It’s a time to reconnect with ourselves, our families and nature.

Here are some of our favourite places to disconnect and find your zen, The Grampians Way.


3) Awaken your Sense of Adventure

While some of us enjoy all this enforced downtime, others are feeling stifled or restricted, chomping at the bit to reclaim a sense of freedom and adventure. Get those muscles moving, challenge the senses and feel the thrill with action-packed activities like abseiling, horse riding, cycling, rock climbing and helicopter tours in the region. Experience life unleashed with this action-packed adventure itinerary.

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4) Indulge in a Foodie Paradise

Many of us are longing for the luxury of dining out, sampling delicious food and wine, of not having to prepare our own food or be limited to local options available through Uber Eats. Yes, we’ve tried making our own sourdough, but some things, truth be told, are best left to the pros. The Grampians is a food and wine paradise, with award-winning cellar doors, hatted restaurants, boutique breweries and quaint bakeries with delectable pies. For the foodie longing to indulge their tastebuds, we have the perfect journey for you in our Southern Foodie Roadtrip itinerary.

Boroka Downs Spa

5) Reclaim the Romance

While some couples might be sick of the sight of each other, there are just as many who don’t live together and felt the full effect of quarantine, or who are desperate for an escape from their children (come on grandparents, we know you’ve missed babysitting). Perhaps this time of reflection has even led to the idea of a proposal? The Grampians is the place to make memories. Cocoon in one of our cosy cottages, sleep under the stars, sip a sparkling shiraz by an open fire, toast a spectacular sunset over the ranges and hike to a secluded waterfall. Our guide to the best luxury escapes for two will rekindle the romance just in the planning alone!

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While you wait for your extended escape to become a reality, consider a day trip reccy to suss out some of our shorter hikes and breathe in the glorious wide-open spaces.