23 Jul 2016 TO 07 Aug 2016


The 2016, the Woolly West Fest is based on the book titled Extra Yarn by Mac Bennett. Join in the yarn bombed Greater Hamilton and feel the woolly love.

The Woolly West Fest is an annual woollen arts meets children’s literature festival. It takes place between Saturday 23 July and Sunday 7 August. This year is a book themed year based on Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen and includes collaboration with Statewide community woollen arts project (WARM) in Dunkeld at Off The Rails.

Themed Hamilton parkrun – 23 July 2016.
Touring story tent, Story Peddlers with Jackie Kerrin, funded by Festivals Australia.
Woolly installations in the Hamilton CBD.
Wool craft and literacy program delivered to the shire’s small schools via the MARC van, Small Schools need Extra Yarn, funded by The Sydney Myer Foundation.
Activated woolly laneways including Cook Walk from MARC Van project, McGuigan Lane from Nigretta Furniture Project and Corriedale Lane from Greater Hamilton Schools contributions.